Who we are


Our story began in 1900, when our grand-parents started producing terracotta dishes but also “bummuli” and “quartare” (which are a sort of large amphoras for water). In 1998 Arte Creta was founded and it broaden the activity and began to produce all sorts of ceramic products. Nowadays production and selling of terracotta and ceramic objects is the cornerstone of the activity that, at the beginning, was exclusively focused on the creation of vases and handcrafted terracotta objects. The range of our products has constantly increased and now our catalogue includes bonbonnière, souvenirs, plates, household items and ideas for your gifts. And also,vases, bowls, ornamental plates and a varied collection of ornamental items.

An ancient ceramic manufacturing tradition

Arte Creta workshop gets back to the ancient tradition of caramic manufacturing and uses artisan techniques that give the objects a timeless charm and a unique style. The catalogue includes ornamental vases, garden pots, and decorated wall vases, rough and smooth bowls, vases of various sizes for succulent plants, oval-shaped cases and various decorations.

Interior abd exterior items

In our workshop we also produce a variety of personalised objects and chimney pots, house numbers. Our branded products are unique with their refined decorations, inspired by the sicilian ornamental tradition and they are perfect to give as gifts or souvenirs or to be sold in handcrafted objects shops. The production also includes cases for ladles, pieces of cutlery or napkins. And of course there are serving dishes such as the refined hors d' oevre, garlands-and-lemons decorated dishes and fruit-stands. Moreover you will find a wide selection of items for the bathroom such as refined cases for toothbrush and toothpaste tube.

A wide catalogue

Arte Creta also sells built-in sinks, perfect to make the home atmosphere rustic and elegant at the same time. Our catalogue includes floral-patterned ornamental duck, fish or butterfly-shaped objects, perfect for decorating walls. Furthermore you will find various smooth or indented-edged vases or multilevel flower vases and bottles. And our head-shaped cups are unique, with their male and female features decorations, available in different variations. Finally, the collection includes wooden and wrought-iron chandeliers with decorated ceramic lampshades.